Whether you have had your RV on the road all summer, or you are getting it going for the first time this year, there are some essential RV maintenance checkups that you should do before hitting the road again. Proper RV maintenance can help avoid costly RV repairs, vacation wrecking breakdowns, and other unwanted problems. Here are some of the things you should have your RV checked out for before hitting the road again.

Check Your Batteries
Checking the charge on your batteries and topping off the water can help ensure that they will work when you need them to. If your batteries are not holding a full charge, it may be time for a replacement.

Test Your Generator

Speaking of power, if your RV has a generator you will want to make sure it is running fine and maintained. Old gasoline should be drained out.

Examine the Tires
Before hitting the road, make sure that you check the pressure in each of your tires and top them up if they are low. You will also want to check the wear on your tires, as driving with worn out tires can be very dangerous.

Check the Seals
Roof and exterior seals should be checked to make sure that they are water-tight and keeping moisture on the outside where it belongs. A leaking seal can cause extensive damage, and should be taken care of right away.

Engine Maintenance
Finally, you will want to make sure that your engine and all its parts are maintained and functioning properly. Engine fluids should be topped off or replaced, cooling and heating systems should be tuned up, and brakes should be visually examined for wear.

These are just some of the many things that should be inspected and maintained on your RV on a regular basis. If this seems overwhelming, let the experts at Gary’s Automotive handle this for you, so you know it is done right, and you will be safe and ready to enjoy the great outdoors.

, It’s Not Too Late to Hit the Road – But Take Your RV for a Checkup Before you do!

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