Why Keeping Your Car in Good Maintenance Is More Important Than Ever

April 18th, 2020
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During these anxious times it’s more important than ever to ensure that your car, something so many people depend on, is running well and stays running well. There are few better ways to ensure this than by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Poorly maintained vehicles can have more frequent breakdowns and other problems that may lead to unexpected surprises or inflated costs down the line. And breaking down now can have serious consequences.

Getting a tow truck is chancy at best

As far as Social Distancing is concerned it is another reason why good maintenance is important. If you were to have a break down you can no longer be sure how long a tow truck will take to reach you, or whether the shop you choose will be open or whether the parts needed for a fix will be available.

Supply chain problems

Parts can take longer than usual to get. It's very unpredictable right now. You're better off fixing what needs fixing so you don't wind up waiting longer than usual for a part if you suddenly break down.

Auto-parts suppliers have been dubbed non-essential and thus many are closed, preventing the essential car repair businesses from acquiring replacement parts.

Social distancing

You also put yourself and any responders at risk by requiring much closer proximity such as giving statements to police, riding in the cab of a tow truck or other such situations.

Financial worries may also come into play. This will cause many people to put off what can be much needed maintenance for times when finances look better but this can be inviting trouble. If you delay, repairs may cost more later.

Auto industry problems

Despite the auto-industry hurting from a massive curtail in sales it is a terrible time to buy a new car. No car dealership has been deemed an essential service unless they are providing vehicles directly to essential services such as police or medical personnel.

Smaller dealerships that primarily handle used sales may be closing permanently and as there are still no firm end dates for COVID-19-related closures, one cannot be certain when you will be able to acquire a replacement vehicle.

Person-to-person sales will be even more risky now as meeting with other individuals to exchange cash breaks WHO recommendations for social distancing.

We hope we have provided you with a solid catalogue of reasons as to why good car maintenance is as important as it ever was, and we wish you safe driving in the future.

If your vehicle needs some maintenance, please contact us. We are in full operation. 

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