What Is Involved in the Mechanical Restoration of Classic Cars

March 28th, 2020
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Classic cars are a big hobby in the Greater Vancouver area. Some people have a lifelong love for classic vehicles, and for many, retirement is the long-awaited opportunity to work on a classic car.

One of the major qualities of classic vehicles is that they always outshine other cars on the road. Restoring a classic vehicle not only grabs attention of onlookers but it can also translate into good money if you want to sell the vehicle at a later date.

Mechanical restoration of classic cars is the process by which the vehicle's mechanical parts are returned to their former splendour and glory. Classic car restoration gives you an enjoyable and memorable experience.

So, what's involved in the mechanical restoration of a classic car? 

Repairing classic cars requires money, time, patience, and dedication. During the process of restoration, its crucial to highlight the parts of the classic vehicle which need to be restored so as to come up with a systematic approach.

1. Engine

When repairing a classic vehicle, the engine is first part to consider. The engine is the first major part of the classic car that will require a competent mechanic or a talented amateur to work on.

Once the engine runs smoothly, you can steam wash the compartment of the engine.

2. Transmission and gearbox

The transmission and the gearbox are the second part to consider.

3. Doors and windows

The third part to check are doors and windows. The vehicle windows need to be evaluated for cracks.

If you need to restore your windows, we advise you to buy new windows from authorized dealers.

Do the doors and windows operate properly? Do you want to make mechanical windows into electric ones?

4. Everything else

Let's not forget about the wheels, suspension, and everything else that has to work for the vehicle to be safely drivable. 

5. Body 

The body of the vehicle may or may not need work. It's a large topic beyond the scope of this article about mechanical work.

You may want a custom paint job and to change or restore the interior upholstery.

One important point to consider with the mechanical restoration of a classic vehicle is whether you want the vehicle to perform like it did when it was manufactured, or better or differently. 

Making a classic car run is one thing, but making it run super fast--faster than it was originally intended, is something else altogether. And the budget for mechanical restoration can range from modest to unlimited.

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