What Does a Transmission Tune-Up Involve?

January 25th, 2022
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Keeping your vehicle’s transmission in top condition can help you avoid extensive and costly auto repair work the next time you visit your local shop. Your vehicle requires transmission maintenance on a regular basis because everyday wear and tear creates tiny metal fragments, which can enter your transmission oil and damage the system structure. 

By following the industry’s guidelines and working with a skilled Langley auto mechanic, you can keep your vehicle in peak running condition and save hundreds of dollars per year on repairs. Let’s explore the importance of transmission tune-ups. 

How Often Should I Book a Tune-Up?

The transmission tune-up schedule largely depends on the type of transmission within the vehicle. If your car has a manual transmission, industry leaders recommend changing your transmission fluids every 30,000 kilometres. Automatic transmissions can run a little longer without a tune-up, and ATRA (the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association) recommends fluid replacements, on average, every 50,000 kilometres. 

Other Signs Your Vehicle Requires Transmission Maintenance

Beyond the distance traveled within the vehicle, there are several other signs it’s time to take your vehicle to your local Langley mechanic. If you notice any one of the following signs, call our office team to book your car in for a transmission tune-up:

  • Grinding or squealing sound when shifting gears
  • Erratic gear shifting
  • Fluids leaking from the vehicle
  • Burning smell when driving

What does the Tune-Up Include?

Different vehicles will require a specific style of tune-up service. For example, Honda vehicles often have transmissions similar to those found in manual transmission, with individual gears that are on parallel axels compared with a more complex planetary gear-styled automatic transmission. 

For the average vehicle, a transmission tune-up will include the following:

  • Draining the old transmission fluid, then removing and cleaning the pan

Draining the transmission fluid helps remove any of the contaminants within the system. Removing and cleaning the transmission pan (which holds the transmission fluid) helps eliminate the remnants that might otherwise damage your vehicle over time. 

  • Inspecting the drained oil for signs of a problem with the transmission

Your Langley auto mechanic will then inspect the drained oil for signs of an issue with the transmission. For example, black transmission fluid signifies a problem that requires further mechanical analysis.

  • Removing and replacing the transmission filter

The transmission filter plays a fundamental role in preventing metals and other contaminants from entering the transmission. Removing and replacing the transmission filter ensures a clear surface for effective filtration. 

  • Replacing the pan and fitting a new gasket

The Langley vehicle technician will then replace the pan and fit a new gasket. You may not notice it until it’s too late, but your transmission gasket can crack, allowing fluids to leak into the transmission and throughout the vehicle. Replacing the gasket during the transmission tune-up process helps ensure a tight seal.

  • Filling the transmission with new, clean oil and then testing the system for potential leaks

At the end of the transmission tune-up, we’ll fill your transmission with clean fluid and then run several tests to ensure there aren't any leaks within the system. Your technician will test the seals and joints within the structure to identify issues before finishing your tune-up.

  • Finally, the technician will test the vehicle to ensure it runs well

During the final phase in the tune-up process, we’ll test the vehicle's driving performance to ensure it runs safely and effectively before allowing you back in the driver’s seat.

Proactive Transmission Maintenance Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Don’t take the risk when it comes to transmission maintenance. Make your maintenance schedule a priority to save money on repair costs over the years ahead. The Gary’s Auto Repair Langley team has decades of vehicle maintenance experience. We can respond on short notice to your questions and repair concerns. Call now at 604-541-1818 to book your upcoming transmission tune-up with our Langley maintenance team.

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