We can Service Your New(er) Vehicles, Even if it is Still Under Warranty

March 5th, 2021
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It is often thought that if you’ve purchased a new vehicle that has a warranty, that you must take that vehicle to the dealership for the warranty to remain valid. Every warranty agreement has different wording, but in most cases you will find that the vehicle owner is to follow a maintenance schedule. That means you can take your vehicle to any approved shop, like Gary's Auto Repair Langley. For the warranty to remain valid, the shop should follow the service schedule outlined by the manufacturer and use the correct parts, including fluids. It is also a good idea to document it.

The Automotive Industries Association of Canada is looking to dispel the myth that you must go to the dealer to service your warranty vehicle. They’ve written about the importance of consumers having choices for servicing their vehicles. Many vehicle owners have a preferred shop they like to use to vehicle repair and maintenance. Learning they can still use their favourite shop for a vehicle under warranty is often a welcome surprise. It is actually illegal in Canada and is called tied-selling. It is also illegal in the US. However cars imported from one country to another may lose their warranty. It is best to check with the dealer if this applies to your situation. New vehicle owners do have a choice when deciding where to take their vehicle for maintenance and service and should do what feels right for them.

OEM Parts

One of the conditions that is usually applied to warranties is using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. These are parts that are the official, genuine parts provided by the maker of the vehicle. We use OEM or OEM equivalent parts in all vehicles that we service. 

Warranty Repair Emergencies

One thing independent automotive shops are usually unable to provide is warranty repairs. In most cases you would go to your dealer for warranty repairs. If it is an emergency repair, and there is no dealer close by, you may be able to go to an approved shop. Check your warranty for details.

Owner Responsibilities

Knowing you can take your vehicle still under warranty for regular maintenance and service to your local shop is good news. You’ve built a relationship and built trust with us over the years, or sometimes in a one time service. There are things vehicle owners can do to maintain the warranty of the vehicle:

  • Read and understand the requirements and service schedule for your warranty. Bring a copy of the maintenance guide with you when having your vehicle serviced. Know when your warranty period expires.
  • Keep to the required schedule and use only manufacturer approved parts and fluids.
  • Write down what service you had done and when and keep the receipt for your records. 
  • It can be especially important to stick to the schedule for oil changes and maintenance, using the appropriate fluids and filters for your vehicle’s warranty.

As a vehicle owner, choose the shop of your choice to maintain your vehicle. At Gary’s Auto Repair Langley, we’re familiar with following warranty schedules for new vehicles and our trusted mechanics can service your vehicles. Bring in your new or newer vehicle today or book online.

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