Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Fall

October 1st, 2021
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When it starts getting colder and you start to see leaves falling, it’s time to think about what you need to do to get your car ready for the fall and winter seasons. Maintaining your vehicle can keep it in working order and prevent it from breaking down. These vehicle maintenance tips for fall will help you to have a comfortable and safe ride this season. 

Replace Wiper Blades

With winter weather you must be able to see out your front windshield properly. Make sure your wiper blades are still functioning well and are flexible. If they’re worn out or cracking, you won’t be able to remove the heavy rain and snow that will be coming. 

Check Lights

It’s getting darker earlier and you want to make sure all of your lights are bright. Headlights, tailights, parking lights, brake lights, and flashers should all light up when you turn them on. Replace any broken bulbs and make sure lights are clean. If you feel you have poor visibility, talk to our mechanics about switching to a different type of lamp. 


If you’ll be doing any highway driving in British Columbia, make sure you have the proper tires on your vehicle. With the weather getting cooler, now is a good time to start thinking about changing to your winter tires even if you don’t expect to be on the highways or roads designated for winter tires. A tire expert recommends making the change when the temperature drops below 7 degrees celsius.

Check your tire pressure and the tread depth also. Changing seasons means you may need to adjust the air in your tires. The tire tread depth will indicate if it's time to start thinking of replacing your tires. 


You want to make sure the heater is working so your drive is a comfortable temperature when the weather outside is cold. Test that your heater and defroster are working properly before you might need them. It’s getting just cold enough that you might need them so turn the heater on and make sure you get warm air (after your car has suitably warmed up). 


You don’t want your brakes failing you in rainy or stormy weather. Push your brakes and make sure that you have stopping power when you are driving. If you hear any strange noises, bring in your car for our mechanics to look at it. Squealing or screeching may indicate you need new brake pads. 


Book an appointment to have one of our technicians check the battery. Car batteries work hard during the colder months and you don’t want your battery to leave you stranded. 


Check all the fluids and air filter in your vehicle and top up where you need to. Fluids lubricate, cool, and perform other vital functions that help keep your vehicle running and driving. Get an oil change if needed and don’t forget windshield washer fluid  - change to a winter blend to prevent freezing. 

Store Luxury Cars and Summer Vehicles

If you only drive a vehicle in warmer months, it might be time to move high-value or summer-only vehicles to winter storage. Keep them covered and secure until spring.

Enjoy the fall weather and take steps to maintain your vehicle. Check your owner's manual for any additional maintenance required for your vehicle. Book an appointment with us for new tires, or to check your battery or other vehicle maintenance

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