Top 5 Tips to Save on Fuel

June 10th, 2021
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Top 5 Tips to Save Fuel

With gas prices continuing to rise, reducing costs has become a priority for many drivers.  

Sourcing out the cheapest fuel prices at locations near you is an option. Websites like Gas Buddy or apps such as Waze or Gas Guru can find the lowest-priced fuel in Langley or your area.

You can save a significant amount of gas by changing how you drive. These top 5 driving tips can help you save on fuel. 

Tip #1 Don’t Drive Aggressively

A study by Edmunds has found that you can save up to 37% in fuel by driving more moderately. Accelerate slowly after the light turns green. Brake slowly when coming to lights as well. Stay alert to what is happening ahead of you on the road and keep your eyes on the lights so you don’t slam on the brakes.

Using just this tip to drive smoothly you could save significantly on fuel. Your driving style can impact your fuel costs. 

Tip #2 Don’t Idle in Your Vehicle

Although the Government of Canada has found that BC residents are the least likely to idle in Canada, reducing your idling can save you in gas. Surveys show that reasons Canadians idle include:

  • waiting for passengers
  • stopping at railway crossings
  • waiting to park
  • running quick errands
  • sitting in drive-through lanes
  • waiting to refuel or to have the car washed
  • stopping to talk to an acquaintance or friend
  • preparing to leave the house

The Edmund’s study mentioned above found avoiding excessive idling can save up to 19%. If you’re stopping for longer than a minute, turn off your engine. 

Tip #3 Take The Junk Out of Your Trunk

The less weight you’re carrying around in your car, the more fuel-efficient you’ll be. The heavier your vehicle is, the harder it has to work which increases fuel consumption. This might include removing the roof rack when you’re not using it. 

Tip #4 To Keep Cool Roll Your Windows Down

There has been much debate over which is more fuel-efficient: rolling your windows down or turning on the air conditioner. Vox looked into a fuel consumption study by the Society of Automobile Engineers with using either the air conditioning or rolling the windows down to keep cool. If you had to choose one, this study finds that rolling the windows down is the better option to save on fuel.

A clear winner, for saving on fuel, is keeping the windows up and not turning on the A/C but not a comfortable option for most people. 

Tip # 5 Regular Maintenance

An engine tune-up will help to keep your engine running efficiently and will also save on gas. Checking that your tires are inflated properly will also keep your vehicle running efficiently. A poorly maintained vehicle can cost up to 15 cents a litre on fuel. It’s also a good idea to get a regular oil change and to check your vehicle fluid’s regularly.

Managing Your Trips

Try to plan out your errands so that you’re going to getting several locations in the same area at the same time or are able to combine trips together reducing your need to go out. You can also try to park a bit further away and walk. For some trips plan an alternate form of transportation like riding your bike or taking public transportation.

On long trips, lower your speed and use cruise control to save more on gas. A reduced speed will also help to save on gas mileage.

How We Can Help

Bring in your vehicle and we can perform regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently, saving money on fuel. We can also perform an oil change, check your fluids and check your tires for wear. 

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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