Tips to Drive in Rain and Fog

October 29th, 2021
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Reduced visibility can make it trickier to drive in rain and fog. Even light rain can significantly increase the risk of an accident. Follow these tips for safer driving in wet conditions. 

Don’t Use Cruise Control

It is safer for you to control the vehicle yourself. Systems used to manage cruise control are not able to identify the depth of water on the pavement making it easier for the car to hydroplane in wet weather. When hydroplaning, tires lose contact with the road surface, and the car detects loss of power and will try to overcompensate. Don’t put yourself and your passengers in this dangerous situation, just avoid using cruise control in bad weather.

Turn Headlights ON

Most newer vehicles will have headlights that turn on automatically when the switch is in the “auto” position and it is dark enough to require them. If they don’t come on automatically or you drive an older vehicle, make sure you switch on the headlights manually. Perform regular automotive maintenance making sure bulbs aren’t burnt out or book into our langley auto repair shop and one of our professional mechanics will make sure that all lights are working for you. 


Having the right tires are key to safer driving in rain. An auto repair and service shop will be able to properly balance, rotate and mount new tires so your vehicle is ready for the rainy season. Ask a mechanic shop to recommend tires for your vehicle that are suitable for the weather. Keep them properly inflated and change them when the tread depth wears away to an unsafe level. 


Apply brake pedal pressure smoothly when approaching red lights and stop signs and try to avoid any hard braking. Before the weather changes, bring in your vehicle to a local auto repair shop to test the brakes and make any necessary repairs. Check that brake lights are functioning before during in rainy weather. 

Slow Down and Provide Space

Driving in the rain is more dangerous than driving in dry conditions. Slow down and give extra room to cars in front of you. Reducing your speed can also help with visibility when it is more difficult to see. To avoid hydroplaning, drive slightly to the left or right of ruts in the road. Take your foot off the gas and avoid large puddles on wet roads so you don't lose control. In heavy rain, pull over in a safe place if you have no visibility.

Windshield Wipers

Properly functioning windshield wipers will help you to see clearly when it is raining. Wipers can wear out pretty regularly so check that yours still clear the windshield before it starts to rain. 

Ventilation System

When it rains, there are higher humidity levels in your vehicle that can cause windows to fog. Turn on the A/C to dry the air inside the vehicle, and set the airflow to the dash vents. Book your vehicle in for service and one of our langley auto mechanics will ensure the system is working. 

Book Our Vehicle Repair Shop Langley for Any Vehicle Repairs or Service

Reducing speed and turning on your lights are two of the most important things to remember when driving in the rain to stay safe. Prevention and maintenance are also important components of driving safely. Contact us at 604-541-1818 to book an auto repair or service on any vehicle for any weather conditions. 

Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky from Pexels

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