Tips on Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter  

September 28th, 2020
Tips on Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter   

With winter creeping up on us, it may be time to start getting your vehicle ready for winter. Here are some helpful tips you can use to get ready and maximize your peace of mind for when the temperatures start to drop.

Make sure your winter tires are accessible. While the climate here on the coast is relatively mild and we can’t be certain when temperatures will consistently hit -7*C, if you are at all planning on travelling into the interior, you are required by law to have Winter Tires as early as October. Even if you are not making those plans, having those tires easy to get to will save time and stress when time for changeover arrives.

Check your tire pressure, whether or not you use winter tires. Seasonal changes in temperature can cause unexpected changes in tire pressure and can lead to flats or blowouts. It is also always a good idea to check the pressure of your tires whenever you change them as you cannot get an accurate read on tire pressure until they are actually on the vehicle. In fact, it’s a good idea to check your tire pressure regularly all year round.

Ensure that your fluids are topped up, as temperature changes can also cause changes in liquid viscosity and having too much or not enough of your vehicular fluids could lead to problems in performance. It may also be worth getting an oil change performed, either switching to your winter weight or ensuring that you have fresh oil in your vehicle for the season change.

Living on the coast won’t require a full winterization but getting your brakes, suspension, starters, heating + cooling and other items of general vehicle health checked, especially if you haven’t had them looked at in a while, can be a great way to ensure that you won’t run into any major vehicular problems in winter.

If you require any of these services feel free to contact us for an estimate, our friendly and expert mechanics will ensure that you get professional service.

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