Tips for Vehicle Maintenance in Summer

July 6th, 2021
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Warm and bright evenings, BBQs, and bare feet are all signals that summer is here, but long road trips and hot weather can impact your vehicle. Follow these tips so you aren’t left stranded under the hot sun at the side of the road in your vehicle this summer.


Check your tires and also your spare tire. Check the air pressure in your tires is properly inflated. The hot weather can cause air to expand and you may need to adjust the temperature in your tires. Might also be a good time to look at the treads and rotate your tires or invest in a new set of summer tires if you haven’t already put summer tires on your vehicle. Check your tires and also your spare tire.

Check the Coolant

Without a functioning cooling system, your car can easily overheat when idling in the summer sun. Check the coolant fluid levels in your vehicle. Take a minute to make sure the hoses connected to the radiator are free from cracks and firm. 

If you see any puddles forming under your vehicle, bring it in for servicing immediately. Other fluids in your vehicle, like the transmission fluids and windshield washing fluid, should be checked and topped up as well.

Air Conditioning

Although one of our top tips to save on fuel is to roll the windows down, nothing beats the air conditioning system on a long road trip under the summer sun to keep cool from the summer heat. Before any planned road trips, turn on the A/C making sure you get cold air blowing out. If you are only feeling warm air, bring in your vehicle so we can determine what the problem is. A common problem is low refrigerant, this can lead to a failing unit. 

Change the Oil and Air Filters

Check the oil and oil filter to make sure they aren’t dirty, dark, or low. Engines can overheat in the summer and low or grimy oil can be a contributing factor. Oil keeps the engine lubricated which is especially important in extreme weather. Get an oil change if you’re scheduled for one following the maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.

Air filters should be clean and free of dust and debris. In the summer months, the air filter will keep pollutants and pollen out of your vehicle. 

Clean it Out

Winter grime has built up outside and inside your vehicle. Give it a thorough cleaning. Wash the winter salt off the outside of your vehicle, including the undercarriage.

Inside, wipe it down and vacuum it so you’re ready to hit the road. Remove the ice scraper and replace it with some water to use in case of emergency. 

Keep the battery clean

Heat can cause battery failure and reduced battery life. Keep the battery clean by taking off the battery’s cables and wiping off the terminals. We can test your battery to make sure it is road ready. If you’re noticing any problems, bring it in so we can take a look at them.

Free from the cold of winter and the rain of spring, the open roads are calling out for road trips and family visits. These tips can protect your car and prolong the life of your vehicle. It might even be time to bring out your summer car or a vehicle you rarely use. We can also do regular maintenance to your vehicle to make sure everything is running smoothly. Book an appointment online so you can get out on the road. 

Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels

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