Tips for Extending the Life of Your Brakes

February 28th, 2022
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Generally, your car’s brakes should last between 30,000 and 90,000 miles before you need significant repair work from your local Langley auto repair expert. How you drive and your response to brake issues can have a long-term impact on your brake system’s performance and can determine the amount of maintenance your brakes will need in the coming years. 

To help you stay safe and maximize your system’s performance, let’s review our expert tips for extending the life of your brakes.

Reduce Your Speed

Speed has a significant impact on the wear of your brakes. Particularly when you speed up and then slam on the brakes as this requires the braking system to place more energy into stopping the momentum of your car. Brake pads function by transforming energy into heat and so they become worn down over a shorter time if they have to dissipate a high amount of energy. Try to drive at a steady rate of speed and press the brake pedal down in a smooth motion to minimize the potential impact on brake system components.

Keep a Light Load

The weight of your vehicle is another key factor extending the life of your brakes and supporting effective brake performance. The larger the load, the more kinetic energy required from the brake system to bring the car to a halt. So if you’ve been on a trip recently, try to make sure that your trunk and back seat are free of heavy objects before returning to your regular working commute.

Control Tire Pressure

Keep a close eye on your vehicle’s tire pressure. The optimum tire pressure range depends on the make and model of vehicle. But for most consumer vehicles you can maintain maximum tire safety and braking performance at 30-35 PSI. This is the ideal range for ensuring your vehicle’s tires maintain effective contact on the road and thereby reducing the distance traveled after the brakes are applied. Checking your tire pressure regularly or having your local Langley auto mechanic check tire pressure for you can help to prevent brake safety issues over the months ahead.

Get Regular Brake Fluid Flushes

When you press the brake pedal down, the pressure builds and is transferred to the cylinder through the brake lines via brake fluid. Fluid then enters the calipers which transfer pressure to the pads and rotors. Brake fluid that’s clean and free of contaminants helps ensure effective brake function. Any contaminants or additional moisture in the brake lines may corrode the metal structural components within the braking systems. 

It’s recommended that you have your brake lines checked and flushed every 35,000kms to remove all contaminants.

Signs of a Brake Repair Issue

Unfortunately, you can commit to each of our tips for extending your brake life and still experience a component problem. Try to continually review your brake performance and book a brake inspection with our trusted Langley auto repair team the moment you experience any of the following issues:

  • Noises when activating your brakes

If you hear noises such as screeching sound when you brake, the issue is likely related to worn system components. 

  • Car pulls to one side

When a vehicle pulls to one side after the brakes are applied, this likely means the brakes require repair. Whether it’s a caliper problem or a hose issue, we can diagnose your brake repair problem and ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.

  • Burning Chemical Odour

A chemical odour indicates your brakes are overheating and may point to a problem with the caliper. 

Trust Gary’s Auto Repair Langley for Brake Repair & Analysis

You cannot leave your brake performance to chance. Make sure you follow our guidelines for brake safety and you’ll save money on brake repair issues in the years ahead. If you suspect your vehicle has a brake problem and you need guidance from a trusted Langley car repair company, call our team immediately. 

We’re available to answer your questions and can offer affordable brake repair services for all vehicle makes and models. Call 604-800-6138 to book your brake inspection and flushes with our highly experienced repair technicians. 

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