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January 8th, 2019
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Surrey Fleet Management Services for you

Are Fleet Management Services for you? Answering your Critical Questions

Let’s be honest. Fleet managers have a hell of a job description. There is a lot of work to do, some requiring technical skills, others way above your pay grade but you have to do them anyway. To say the least, a fleet management job for an individual is the least enviable career.

Not so, if you decide to seek fleet management services from the professionals. Here you are getting help from the very best; people who have been doing this for years and boast a string of success stories to show for it. However, the decision can be quite tricky. You have to know what to expect and how to choose the best service provider. On those two, this post has your back.

We are going to answer two critical questions that will not only make your decision easy, but also help your business hit new stellar frontiers of profitability. Sound interesting? Take a walk with me as I give you answers.
What are the benefits of fleet management services?

Can we put a definite number to the benefits of hiring professional fleet service providers? Not sure. What I know there are loads of benefits ranging from efficiency, better decision-making processes, and increase in productivity. If you are having a hard time deciding if you need the fleet management pros on your side or not, let’s see if knowing the benefits would make your decision easy.

  • A drop in administration costs. Running things by yourself means you will hire more hands to get things done. You will need resources to have a hands-on team on site. By bringing on a service provider, your administration costs will drop by a landslide. Putting a face to the number, we are talking about as high 47% drop.
    Better fleet safety. By virtually being present as your fleet goes about with work, you are able to track the behavior and habits of each driver. A culture of safety will be born because all drivers know that you can see everything they do. With better safety for your fleet, there is no level of success you cannot achieve.
  • Excellent customer service. Satisfied customers mean more business and a reputable brand. With service delivery at its best, what is there for customers not to be loyal? Professional fleet management service providers make sure your customer needs are superior to any other and they are always met.
    Instant reports and data. With information on your fingertips, making decisions has never been easier. You can get reports in real-time and keep track of the impact of decisions you make from the palm of your hand.
  • More free time. With someone you can trust with your fleet, there is no harm taking some time off to be with your family. Take a holiday or rekindle your interest in golf. Whatever you choose to do, someone is keeping things running just like you never left office.
  • You have an edge over your competition. Being the fast in delivery, winning customers’ loyalty and making huge profits are part of the menu to being a leader in your niche. With professional fleet services, all these are handed down to you.

How do I choose the right fleet management service provider?

As a fleet manager, profitability and customer satisfaction are top in your priorities. That means you have to be cautious with every decision to make. Choosing a fleet management service provider is not going to be a straightforward decision. There are plenty of candidates and you will have to wade through a plethora of technologies. A decision you will regret is what you should avoid. Therefore, a guideline to help you arrive at the right choice would be a big relief.

  • Know what your business needs are

What kind of services do you need for your fleet? This is the first question you should ask yourself. It should form the basis on which you start your search for the most appropriate provider.

  • Draft a budget

You can only stretch as far as your financial muscle can flex. You know the depth of your pockets and that should be a key player to the making of your decision about who gets to manage your fleet. Do not spend what you cannot lose, but that does not give you a ticket to be stingy. Be flexible with your budget because the market is under the dictation of many factors.

  • Research widely

Do not go blind when making your decisions. Take time to research. Go online and read reviews about fleet services near this location. As much as your decision should be shaped by positive reviews, you should have an eye for the negative comments. Do not settle for the first option that you come across; go ahead and compare as many service providers as possible. It is recommendable if you can ask other fleet owners for an opinion.

  • Know what is being offered

Before you decide on the choice to settle for, ask what you should expect. You are paying for it and it is prudent to know what you are buying. Some of the things you should insist on include fleet tracking, fuel monitors, instant reports, mobile integration, and onsite support, among others. If you are not satisfied with anything, move on to the next candidate.

  • Emphasize on experience

I know this does not go well with the new guys in the fleet management business, but there is no other better way to put it. Experience with fleet management is an indication that you do not trust your business with someone green and who might lack authority in this niche. You need to be sure that the service provider has all it takes to exceed your expectations and can provide some proof of past success.
Wrap up

Now you know why contracting a fleet management service provider is a wise decision for your company. As a bonus, you also know how to pick the right fleet management service provider from a sea of options. Gary’s Automotive has nothing but your best interest at heart. We want your fleet to be efficient, profitable and the name in everyone’s lips. Choose us for your fleet service needs and your days of stress and sleepless nights will things of the past.

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