Summer or All-Season Tires – Which is the Better Fit for Vancouver’s Summer?

June 26th, 2019
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In our temperamental Vancouver weather, you want good tires for the rain. Ensuring a good tread is important for everyone’s safety on the road. The last thing you want is to be hydroplaning down the highway and lose control. The question is whether you should choose all-season or summer tires this summer season.

Tread Wear
All-season tires have a deeper tread depth compared to summer tires. Generally, they are of a harder compound, giving them a longer tread life. The shallower tread depth that summer tires offer allows for more rubber to make contact with the road (which has advantages), but causes the tires to wear out quicker. So, if you want long tire life, then all-seasons take the nod.

Performance and Handling
The advantage of summer tires over all-seasons are in the performance. The shallow tread depth and softer compound on summer tires gives superior handling and braking than all-seasons. A set of good all-season tire still handle well and are generally sufficient for most vehicles and drivers, but if you really have the need for performance (and your car has the ability to make use of the superior tire), then summer tires could be right for you.
Both summer and all-season tires will be suitable for hot and dry conditions, as well as summer rains. If the tires are going on a high-performance sports vehicle, summer tires are a better choice to compliment the need for superior handling and performance. For most other vehicles, all season are probably a suitable choice.

The choice is up to you. If it’s about the need for speed and performance, then go with summer treads. If you are happy with a good set of all-seasons and can sacrifice a bit of handling, then maybe that’s your answer.

If you need a new set of rubber on your wheels and are still unsure, or still are wearing out those winter tires, then head down to Gary’s Automotive. The experts at Gary’s are ready to give you advice and to support you with all your tire repair and installation needs.

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