Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

April 7th, 2021
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The arrival of spring brings the chance for road trips, visits to the family cottage, camping excursions, and for some, bringing out their summer vehicle, classic car or convertible.

Get your vehicle ready to head out on the road by bringing it in for a full inspection and maintenance. Here are a few things we recommend to get your vehicle spring-ready.

Vehicle Maintenance You Can Take Care of:

  • Wash off the dust and salt of winter roads. Even if the location you live in hasn’t had a need to use a lot of salt on the roads for winter, spring is still an ideal time to clean your vehicle. External lights will need a good cleaning so they’re bright for night time driving. Make your vehicle sparkle outside and inside so you’re ready for those spring road trips.
  • Wipers. You may have used your vehicle wipers a lot during the winter leading to wear and tear. Replacing your wiper blades is easy enough for most people, or we can take care of this for you. Don’t forget to top up your windshield wiper fluid at the same time. 
  • Emergency Road Kit. If you’re getting prepared for your road trips, take a look at your emergency road kit making sure everything is up to date and that it has everything you may need in an emergency. 

Bring your Vehicle to an Auto Shop Near You for Mechanics to Help with:

  • Tires and Alignment. We can replace your tires with seasonally appropriate tires for your vehicle. We stock all the major quality brands. If you don’t know what tires you should get, our staff will be able to provide recommendations. We also also offer service alignment for your own or new tires. Check the tire tread and pressure if you’re not replacing your tires.
  • Suspension. During the winter months avoiding potholes and icy roads can wreak havoc with your suspension. We will get you back on track for a comfortable ride by checking your suspension.
  • Warning Lights and Unusual Noises. If you’ve had any warning lights from the vehicle, that you’ve not yet checked out, we can run a diagnostics test to determine what is going on. Let us know about any unusual noises that you’ve been hearing as well. Taking care of these alerts helps to prevent your vehicle from breaking down on the road or maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs in the future.
  • Brakes. Your car or truck may have encountered extra braking during the winter. The weather and salt may have also washed away lubricants needed for your brakes to be working optimally. Your safety is our top priority so we’ll make sure your brakes are functioning properly.
  • Oil Change, Filters and Fluids. It is likely time for an oil change and an air filter change. We can also look at your vehicle’s other fluids and change or top up as necessary. We’ll do the same for all your vehicle’s filters.
  • Battery. Your car or truck has been working hard all winter. We can test the battery to make sure it’s giving your vehicle the power it needs. Batteries typically need to be replaced every 3-5 years. If you’ve started to notice your car responding slower, it may be time for a new battery.

These spring vehicle maintenance tips will have you out on the road to enjoy the warmer weather. Summarizing our tips in the car maintenance checklist below.

Car Maintenance Checklist

  1. Vehicle is clean. Inside and out and ready to hit the road. Headlights are clean.
  2. Wiper blades. Your wiper blades are working well.
  3. Tires. The tires are appropriate for the season and the roads you will be driving. Suspension and alignment has been done.
  4. Warning lights and Noises. All warning lights have been checked out by your mechanic.There are no unusual noises coming from the vehicle.
  5. Brakes. There are no issues with your braking system.
  6. Fluids and filters have all been checked and changed or topped up.
  7. Battery. Your vehicle electrical power supply is running well.

Make an appointment with us today to have your vehicle ready to get on the road this spring. 

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