How Do I Know When my Heavy-Duty Transmission Needs Replacement?

July 30th, 2019
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When your truck won’t move and is in need of diesel repairs, it may be time for a heavy-duty transmission replacement. A transmission ensures that the right amount of torque and power reaches your wheels at the right time. A well functioning and operating diesel vehicle will need regular transmission maintenance to remain so. Even with regular maintenance, a transmission may experience failure, and often there are clear signs that it is time for a replacement. Watch for these signs and seek repair or replacement before your transmission leaves you stranded.

Listen for Strange Noises and Vibrations

One of the most telling signs of transmission issues is the presence of strange noises and odd vibrations. The noise may often sound like a whining noise, but may also be a grinding sound. This is often accompanied by unusual vibrations which can often be felt while driving.

Poor Performance

A failing transmission will ultimately perform poorly. Gears are likely to slip in a failing transmission, meaning the pedal is down, the engine is reved up, yet the vehicle is slow to accelerate (or perhaps does not move at all…).

Manual Shifting

If your vehicle has a manual heavy-duty transmission, as most large trucks do, you will notice changes in how it feels when switching gears. Smooth, seamless changes will begin to feel clunky and laggy. Switching gears may also amplify the shaking and vibrations previously mentioned. You may also notice that you are unable to get into certain gears, a sure sign that your transmission has failed.

Along with these signs, you may also notice that your transmission is getting extremely hot, putting out much more heat then usual. Ultimately, the best way of knowing if it is time for a new heavy-duty transmission for your vehicle is to bring it to the pros at Gary’s Automotive. Make sure that once you get that shiny new transmission that your properly maintain and care for it, to keep it running smoothly for years to come.

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