How do All-Season Tires Perform in Vancouver’s Winter Weather?

November 26th, 2019
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Knowing and understanding the difference between so many types of tires can be confusing for many people. With all-season, all-weather and winter tires, it can be tricky to decide what is best for your driving habits. One common belief is that all-season tires are great for any season, as the name suggests. However, all-season may in fact not be the best choice for Vancouver’s winter weather.

All-Season Tires
All-season tires are an excellent option for Spring, Summer and Fall driving, offering good performance and longevity. All-season tires are also called 3-season tires, as they are no longer a viable option when the Winter cold rolls in. All-season tires are specifically designed to work better in temperatures above 7C.
As temperatures begin to fall below 7C, all-seasons begin to become less effective, loosing their grip to the pavement. This is due to the fact that these tires are designed with a rubber compound that becomes harder as temperatures get colder. Many people falsely believe this is only a concern when there is snow on the road, however this is false. Rain, combined with low temperatures, make all-season tires underperform, and much more prone to sliding.

All-Season Performance Versus All-Weather
When comparing all-season to all-weather tires, braking under winter conditions can be drastically affected. In many cases, it can take up to several meters more for all-seasons to come to a complete stop. This means less control under winter driving conditions.

All-season tires are also designed with a tread pattern that gives a smoother, quieter ride, and improve fuel efficiency in regular driving conditions. The rubber compound used in them also lasts longer under other driving conditions than the natural rubber used in all-weather and winter tires. With this in mind, it is recommended that all-season be used during warmer driving conditions, and all-seasons be switched in when the cold sets in.
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