Getting Your Car Ready for a Summer of Fun

June 12th, 2019
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Nothing is better than taking your car out for a spin during the warm summer months. After months of winter driving conditions, you need to make sure you get your car back into shape to handle the summer roads. Here are some essential car maintenance tips you should ensure you do to get your car ready for the summer fun and avoid any costly auto repair bills when on those long road trips.

Switch Your Tires
If you had winter tires on your car, now is the time to switch to all-season or summer tires. The softer rubber that winter tires are made of is not ideal for hot summer asphalt, meaning they wear very quickly. Summer tires are better suited to last and perform in the heat.

Check Your Brakes
When your tires are being switched over is the perfect time to also have your brakes checked. Nothing is more important than making sure you have properly functioning brakes, and the winter with its stop and go traffic, ice, and salt conditions can take its toll on them.

Check your Fluids
Before hitting the road for a lengthy road trip, make sure your fluids are all topped up. Check that your coolant level is correct and working effectively. A professional can test the integrity of the liquid for you. Also, make sure you put in a summer formula for your windshield wiper fluid which is better suited for dust and insects. This is also the perfect time to replace worn-out or cracked windshield wiper blades.

Get a Full Summer Tune-up
Finally, have a qualified mechanic check out your vehicle to make sure everything else is clean, functioning and ready to go. Many of the previously mentioned items can be included as part of a total vehicle tune-up. Other items such as engine inspections, exhaust systems, and sensors can also be looked at and tested to make sure your vehicle gets you where you want to go this summer, without being stranded. Make an appointment at Gary’s Automotive today and be ready for summer fun!

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