December 14th, 2022
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Get Your Car Ready for Winter with Our Cold Weather Maintenance Tips 

With the colder weather approaching, you’re likely considering how the drop in temperature will impact your day-to-day life. Snow and ice will soon cause challenging road conditions throughout Langley and the wider community. A proactive approach to winter vehicle maintenance will help keep you and your family safe on the road while preventing costly emergency repairs. 

To help you navigate local roads in the cooler weather, our Langley mechanics present a guide to cold-weather car maintenance.

Check Your Winter Tires

If your winter tires have spent the warmer months in a garage or shed, make sure you check the tires before you head out on the road. The average winter tire has a performance lifetime of about five years. The key to maintaining excellent performance is examining the tread, which supports traction and control on the road. 

Once the rubber degrades and the tread depth wears down to 4 millimeters or under, Transport Canada guidelines suggest you should replace the tire. 

Book a Tune-Up

A winter tune-up is the best way to balance your vehicle's fluid levels for the temperature drop. During the tune-up, your Langley mechanic will check oil and antifreeze levels and inspect air filters to ensure they run flawlessly throughout the winter. Checking fluid levels and replacing dirty fluids will help prevent your radiator overheating by lubricating the coolant pump.

Replace Your Wiper Blades

In addition to tire traction and control, visibility is one of the top factors to consider when planning your commute this wintertime. The average wiper blade only has a useful lifetime of a few months, so it’s best to replace your wiper blades before the snow storms of the coming season. Once your wiper blades start to leave streaks and miss parts of the windshield, they need urgent replacement.

Restock Your Emergency Kit

Before the temperatures drop even further, now is your opportunity to restock your emergency kit and prepare for the car potentially becoming stuck in winter weather. 

Items to add to your emergency kit include:

  • Flashlight
  • Warm blankets
  • Warm clothing
  • Ice scraper
  • Extra food and water

Ensure each family member knows where the emergency kit is located and can access it should they need it. For further reading on emergency kits, please read this comprehensive emergency kit guide by CAA. 

Get Your Battery Tested

The latest car breakdown data from Europe's largest motor vehicle association, ADAC, shows most vehicle breakdowns are battery-related. Continuous use of the heater during winter puts strain on your battery and battery-related winter breakdowns are common. There are few worse times to find out you need a new battery than in the middle of a winter snowstorm when preparing to leave the office to get home. Testing your battery at your local auto repair shop can help ensure it’ll perform through the worst of the winter season. 

Make Lighting a Priority

With many of your cold weather commutes now taking place in darkness, check your car’s headlights are running perfectly before the depths of winter. Brush the snow off your lights when you’re clearing the rest of the vehicle. Also, remember to replace the lightbulbs the moment they start to dim. 

Prepare for Winter Driving with Gary’s Auto Repair Langley

Our technicians work with all vehicle makes and models to help drivers prepare for months of driving in challenging wintry conditions. 

From brake rotor repair for better responsiveness in icy conditions to answering questions about engine performance in cool weather, we’re here and ready to respond. Call now to book your winter auto repair with Gary’s Auto Repair Langley.

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