Benefits of a Diesel Engine

January 28th, 2021
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The Main Benefits of a Diesel Vehicle

The diesel engine is a heavy-duty engine. Often found in heavy-duty trucks; most commonly the Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax. You can also find diesel-powered light-duty trucks, cars and SUVs. They are tough engines and don’t break down often making them a durable option for vehicle owners. Let’s look at some of the advantages of a diesel engine.

What is the history of the Diesel Engine? 

Rudolf Diesel invented the diesel engine and called it a “compression ignition engine”. He was interested in fuel efficiency and he achieved it with this design. In 1913, Diesel died under mysterious circumstances on his way to England from Belgium. 

Better Fuel Efficiency

They are more fuel-efficient than gas engines as they burn fuel at a slower rate so you get better gas mileage with a diesel engine. They have a higher compression rating so can generate more power from less fuel. Requiring less fuel to drive further produces less carbon dioxide making diesel engines a more environmentally friendly choice than a gas engine. On long drives, will you or your diesel engine need to stop at the gas station first? 

More Power

If you plan on hauling heavy loads around with your vehicle, you’ll want to invest in a diesel engine. With more torque power than a gasoline engine, you get more hauling and towing power. Diesel engines also provide smoother acceleration. 


Engineered to withstand higher temperatures, the diesel engine will typically last longer than a gas engine. If you keep up with general maintenance, you can own your diesel engine for a longer period of time. When you do think of selling, diesel engines often provide better resale value than their less durable counterparts. 

Less Maintenance Visits

Diesel engines use compressed air rather than a spark style ignition system. Air is drawn into the engine and compressed which heats it up. With less potential electrical failures, there is less maintenance required. With no spark plugs or distributors, they never need ignition tune-ups. The diesel engine is a reliable engine that does not need to be serviced as often. But as a more technologically advanced engine, there are higher costs for servicing and parts, especially if they aren’t maintained well. 

The main advantages of a diesel engine are:

  • better fuel economy
  • greater power
  • lasts for a longer period of time
  • more time between service visits

Although they often have a higher upfront cost, if a diesel engine fits your vehicle needs and lifestyle, they may be the best option for you. We have diesel-trained technicians that can evaluate your turbo diesel engine and devise a course of action if you’re experiencing any problems. We also handle regular maintenance and repair for diesel engines. Bring us your diesel vehicle today or book an appointment online

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