An Expert’s Guide to Choosing a Fleet Service Company

January 14th, 2023
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Working with a respected fleet service company can help your business reduce spending on vehicle maintenance for the years ahead. 

Our team has years of experience handling fleet repairs and responds with precision to service requests for operators. To help you select your local fleet service company, let’s explore our tips for navigating the auto fleet repair industry and choosing the right fit for your organization. 

Match Your Needs to the Company

Make a comprehensive list all maintenance and general upkeep requirements over time. Then compare these needs with the services the fleet provider offers. Can they match your requirements with precision? Will they allow you to visit their facility to review their equipment and speak with the management team about their fleet service? 

Consider Fluctuating Maintenance Demands

The repair requirements for your fleets will fluctuate considerably throughout the year as your business experiences changes in demand. During the busiest periods of the year, you’ll need to depend on a fleet service partner who can handle a significant number of trucks in their repair shops in a short period of time. Ask the service provider how they would respond if a number of trucks came in with immediate repair needs. Do they have the capacity to handle that many diesel repairs? If so, how would they continue to meet the repair timelines?

Discuss Repair Data

What type of data can the fleet service company provide to your team? Are they able to present precise details on vehicle and parts performance? As a fleet operator, your entire operation depends on day-to-day analytical data about your fleet and each vehicle’s performance metrics. Your maintenance provider will ensure repair data is accessible around the clock. The provider should be available on short notice if you have a question about a vehicle or the availability of a specific part for your trucks.

Can They Handle All Repair Administration Tasks?

Your fleet service provider should be able to take on an administrative role in storing data such as job sheets, invoices, and general vehicle repair queries. Finding a company with a proactive approach to administrative tasks can help remove some of the burden from your team and save you considerable amounts of time and money in chasing information about your repairs and their associated costs.

Do They Have the Capacity to Grow with Your Company?

While you might start with a few transit vans to your business name, your company may grow in the coming years to add new vehicles. During this growth period, you may not have the time or additional resources to find a new fleet service partner. Ensure the company you select is able to scale their services to match your demands as the business grows. 

Can You Speak with Current Fleet Operator Clients?

Talk to current clients of the company when selecting a new fleet service operator. The clients will be able to tell you about the intricacies of the service and what to expect when you bring your trucks to their repair shop. For example: has the customer had any problems with their vehicle after the repair? How were these problems resolved? 

Gary’s Auto Langley Is Your Local Langley Fleet Service Partner

We offer a custom fleet service matched precisely with your business’s fleet repair needs over the years to come. Our facility can accommodate larger fleet vehicles, with hoists and service bays that allow trucks to be worked on by a number of mechanics at the same time. We also offer specially-designed fleet service packages, including options for the Ford Econoline, Ford F-Series, Ford Transit Van, Ram 1500 to 1550, and the Chevy Silverado

For exceptional fleet repair strategies built to grow with your operations, make Gary’s Auto Repair Langley your local mechanic. Call now to discuss fleet services options with one of our team members. 

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