5 Tips for Maintaining a Vehicle That You Don't Drive Often

April 8th, 2020
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It's not uncommon for someone to have a vehicle that doesn't get driven much. Maybe it's a special vehicle, like a classic car, that you only drive on special occasions. Or maybe it's a big 4X4 gas guzzler that you only use when you need it.

Whatever the reasons, lots of us have a vehicle we don't drive often. However, a vehicle that doesn't get driven much poses certain problems. Here are our hints on how to maintain a vehicle that's not driven regularly.

1. Tires

Tires tend to gradually lose air when a vehicle sits and sits. Be sure to check the pressure in your tires regularly, and reinflate as necessary. Definitely check them when the vehicle is cold right before you're going to drive the vehicle.

2. Gas

Keep a full tank. If it's winter, a low tank of gas can cause freezing in the lines from condensation. Try to fill the tank with gasoline without ethanol. And if the gas does contain ethanol, then add a gasoline stabilizer. Gasoline is not intended to sit unused in a fuel tank for months on end.

3. Battery

Either drive the car at least once every two weeks for at least 10 kilometers or get a trickle charger or battery saver for the battery. Otherwise the battery will go dead. Thoroughly and completely dead. Like the character in The Princess Bride.

4. Cover it

Don't leave it out in the elements. Either put it away in a garage or at least cover it. No sense letting the body get more damage than necessary by hail, squirrels, birds, corrosion, and hit-and-run drivers.

5. Test it

If you haven't driven it in a long time, by all means take it out for a long test drive before leaving on a thousand-kilometer journey. Belts can dry out and crack, and rubber can dry out and not work (think windshield wipers).

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