5 Signs Your Car Requires Air Conditioning Repairs

June 29th, 2022
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With the warm breeze in the air and the temperatures rising across Langley, you’re ready to start planning those summer road trips. But one minor issue with your car's air conditioning system can put your trip plans on hold indefinitely. 

To help you stay comfortable and enjoy the coming warm weather, we’re explaining five common air conditioning repair issues and what you can do to stay safe and get ready for the summer.

The Components of Your Air Conditioning System

Your air conditioning system generally comprises the following components:


Your compressor works by pressurizing the refrigerant to cool the air. It features a sensor to detect temperature changes inside and outside the vehicle. The compressor monitors and controls the temperature output of your car's air conditioning system. It then moves air toward the condenser. 


The condenser works to reduce the temperature and pressure levels of the hot gases from the refrigerant. It moves the now cooled liquid refrigerant to the receiver or dryer. 


The receiver separates the gas from the liquid and removes moisture using a desiccant. The receiver/dryer also includes filters that protect the air conditioning system from outside contaminants. 

Some vehicles use an accumulator instead of a receiver/dryer, which monitors and controls the refrigerant, filters debris and removes moisture. 

Thermal Expansion Valve

Located between the condenser and the evaporator is either a thermal expansion valve or an orifice tube. Vehicles with an accumulator will use an orifice tube, while cars with a receiver/dryer component use a thermal expansion valve. These components monitor the temperature and pressure within your AC system and calculate the optimal amount of refrigerant for the evaporator. 


The evaporator is the final step in the air cooling process. The component sits right behind the dashboard and acts to cool the air using refrigerant before the air enters the vehicle’s cabin. 

Five Common Air Conditioning Issues 

So now you know a little more about the performance of your car’s air conditioning equipment, let’s look at five common air conditioning repair issues. 

Air Is Not Getting Cold

If the air within your air conditioning system remains cool but won't get cold when the fan setting is at its highest and at maximum cooling, there may be an issue with your air filter or the cooling fan. 

The source of the problem could also be the car’s radiator. If you’re lucky, you might be low on freon. When you bring your vehicle to our Langley AC repair team, they will run several tests to determine why cold air isn't getting through. 

The AC Makes Loud Noises

A loud noise coming from your vehicle is not just annoying to you and everyone around you. It could also indicate a significant AC repair problem. We often repair cars in which a bearing has come loose and is causing a squealing or grinding sound within the AC unit. 

Many drivers also find their AC making a persistent rattling sound. A rattle could indicate that your compressor clutch has failed and needs replacement. These sounds are often an urgent indicator you should speak to your local car AC repair team about equipment analysis.

A Burning Smell Comes from the AC

Whenever an odour emerges in your vehicle, immediately analyze the source and discuss the issue with an AC repair technician. If you notice a burning smell, you may have limited time to react. 

The smell of burning metal or plastic coming from the air conditioning system is likely the wiring of the compressor overheating. The wires could be melting. If this persists, it won’t be long before your AC stops working completely. Immediately go to your local Langley repair facility to discuss the smell so they can identify the cause.

Air Suddenly Goes from Cold to Hot

You could be driving your usual route to work one summer when your car's air conditioning suddenly starts blasting hot air rather than the expected cool summer breeze. This likely indicates the expansion valve that dispenses the right amount of refrigerant to the evaporator has failed. 

The valve may also be blocked, which prevents the refrigerant from reaching the evaporator, causing the valve to freeze when moisture is present. Replacing the expansion valve is a relatively inexpensive and simple job for a skilled repair technician. 

No Air At All

When the AC system produces no air, there could be a problem with the blower motor within the car. The blower motor resistor may be malfunctioning. Or you may have a blown fuse preventing the ventilation system from working efficiently. Our Langley mechanics will assess the issue for you urgently to help keep you cool and safe for upcoming trips. 

Call Gary’s Auto Repair Langley for Expert Air Conditioning Repairs

Our team is here to respond to your air conditioning repair issues. Don’t wait until the peak of the summer here in Langley to call. We’re available today to answer your questions and provide comprehensive repairs to keep you cool and comfortable for those long summer trips. 

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