4 Tips to Keep Your Fleet Vehicles Running Smoothly

December 29th, 2021
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Managing fleet vehicles is no easy task. They are an essential part of business and having one or more vehicle breakdown impacts the bottom line. We manage the maintenance of fleet vehicles for businesses in the Langley and Surrey areas and provide these tips to help your fleet vehicles run smoothly.

1. Preventative Maintenance

It is essential to have regularly scheduled maintenance on your vehicles and clear records detailing that maintenance. Conduct tire changes and rotations, oil changes, batteries, and brakes on a regular schedule for each vehicle. New vehicles should follow scheduled maintenance by the manufacturer for warranty validation. 

Preventative maintenance will keep vehicles on the road and can identify issues in advance. Schedule vehicle repairs when it is most convenient to have that vehicle off the road rather than when it breaks down. Maintenance can also help you to avoid a higher repair bill as preemptive maintenance is typically a lower cost than repairing a vehicle that breaks down unexpectedly. 

2. Keep Fleet Vehicles Clean

Fleet vehicles and drivers represent your business and it is important they look professional. Maintain the image of your business with regular cleaning of the vehicle. Keeping the interior clean will help with employee productivity and employees can take pride in their vehicle. 

3. Train Drivers

Employees that drive your vehicles play a key role in vehicle upkeep. Develop and communicate company policy for using the vehicles including driving, maintenance, responsibilities, and reporting accidents or issues. 

Drivers can let you know when something needs repair, keep the vehicle clean, when warning lights come on, and develop smart driving habits. Teach drivers that idling, fast accelerations, and excessive braking add to the wear and tear on vehicles. Technology can help you to track and monitor the driving of your vehicles. This guide provides advice on choosing the best fleet management software

Optimize driving routes to create efficiencies. This will reduce unnecessary mileage and idling. 

Create a system of reporting with regular check-ins and a schedule of which employee was driving which vehicle to track any dings or problems. Drivers can also check the tire pressure and oil daily which will help with fuel consumption. Here are some safety tips for fleet managers and fleet drivers to follow. 

4. Present and Future Use of Vehicles

As your business grows and changes make sure the vehicles you have are the right ones you need. Are the vehicles you’re using for the business appropriate for your present needs? Keep an eye on future business goals and how they will impact your fleet vehicles. Watch for increasing signs of wear and tear and a vehicle breaking down indicating that it might be time for a replacement vehicle. 

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance at Gary’s Auto Repair Langley

Red seal mechanics maintain, fix, and repair commercial fleet vehicles for our business customers in Langley and Surrey. Our facility is designed to accommodate fleet service vehicles and our team understands the importance of fleet vehicles getting back on the road quickly and safely. 

Our fleet programs are familiar with the Ford Econoline and Ford Transit Connect Vans, Chevy Silverado, General Motors Cargo Vans, and Ram 1500-5500 vehicles. An experienced team of mechanics will work on vehicles according to your needs. Heavy-duty and commercial repairs come with a 1-year /20,000 km warranty for peace of mind. We will develop and recommend a maintenance schedule and repairs for your vehicles. 

If your business requires fleet vehicle maintenance service, give us a call at 604-541-1818 to discuss your business needs. Let us take care of the maintenance and repairs of your fleet vehicles so you can focus on your business. 

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