4 Motor Vehicle Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

August 27th, 2020

Motor Vehicle Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

It’s not uncommon for drivers to ignore some warning signs that they are getting from their vehicles. People are busy, they’re in a hurry, and sometimes they just forget about it. But there are some vehicle warning signs you should not ignore, and you should get a professional mechanic to attend to them.

Here are our top four vehicle warning signs that you should not ignore:

1.     A leak

If you notice something is leaking, your vehicle needs to be looked at. If it’s oil that’s leaking, your vehicle needs to be fixed without delay. Your vehicle is designed to run with a certain volume of oil at a certain pressure. Not enough oil or not enough pressure can damage all kinds of internal parts. Small leaks often turn into big leaks. And oil will also stain many surfaces like the interior of your garage.

2.     A tire that is always lower pressure than the others

Your vehicle is designed to be driven with all the tires at specific pressures. If one tire always has a different pressure than the other three, not only do you have the inconvenience of having to refill the tire constantly, but the tires won’t wear normally. This can shorten the service lives of all the tires. Often a tire that’s leaking air is an easy and fast fix.

3.     Smoke

If your vehicle is emitting smoke from the exhaust system or anywhere else, don’t ignore it. This is not normal for a vehicle.

4.     Dashboard warning lights

If you see warning lights on your dashboard that stay on, get them checked out. It may be nothing, or it may be something important. Don’t ignore them.

Whenever something needs to be fixed on your vehicle, we all wonder if it’s something that can wait. But often, fixing something sooner is easier and cheaper than waiting until later. Little problems can easily turn into bigger problems. Small leaks turn into big leaks, and a little damage to one part, left unattended to, can turn into bigger damage to multiple parts.

If you’re concerned about one of the warning signs on this page or any other, you can always contact us and talk to us about it.

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